Our 'home' lies in Bengtsfors Kommune in the heart of Dalsland.

Our immediate area is a 'protected nature area' . We have Beaver, Squirrel, Elk,
Red Deer, Lynx and even across the lake a Bear and a young Bear were spotted this year.

The area of Dalsland is richly forested and a haven for Birds throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Our home is our joy.Our home lies beside the lake called "Vestre Silen" which is well over 30 kilometres long and probably a few kilometres wide.
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The following is an extract from the Bengtsfors Website
(Tourist Information):
"Bengtsfors community is characterized by streaming water and longstretched, clear lakes. The fact is, that Bengtsfors is the very heart of the wonderful, scenic province called Dalsland. Here You will also find thick forests, mountains and a great variety of flora and fauna.

In the community of Bengtsfors there are 399 lakes that are larger than 2,5 acres, in total 30.000 acres of water.

Furthermore, the community is criss-crossed by parts of Dalsland’s Canal, which consists of 250 kilometers of locks, lakes and manmade canals.

Culture, arts and crafts are equally rich and varied as the Dalsland nature itself.

Exhibitions, cultural events and other arrangements succeed each other.

Canoeing is one of the great experiences in Dalsland.

The wonderful Swedish nature is open for all of us. We can enjoy the beautiful smell, the singing birds, the flowering meadow and the peaceful silence of the deep forest. However we should be careful with the nature and show respect towards the other people and animals.

Do not disturb - do not destroy
This is the main rule in the right of public access.

Home peace
Walking, jogging, riding and skiing across other people's lands are allowed - unless you do damage to crops, forest plantations or such. You are not entitled to cross over or stay on a private "plot" without permission - that is considered to be trespassing. The plot, which is not always enclosed, is the area closest to a dwelling house. The inhabitants there have the right to live in peace - "Home peace zone". If the houses are protected from your view, you may walk through quite close, but not closer than 10 meters."