"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters - one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity" J.F.Kennedy
January 9th 2003 was a cold - minus 25C - winter's day.But it soon warmed up!!!!

Ragnhild had been working on some art in the studio and came into the house for some refreshments. On her way back out to the studio she saw a small plume of smoke rising from the roof. A fire had started despite our relatively new wood burning stove and insulated chimney system (installed just 13 years before).
Our early attempts to stop the fire failed as it travelled under the roof, along the main roof beam and into the older uninsulated section of the barn. Within minutes the old section erupted like a volcano into an explosion of flame.

Clearly, even despite the arrival of the Fire Brigade from Bengtsfors -to whom we extend our sincerest thanks (as we do to the police and ambulance services who also responded rapidly)- there was nothing to be done. From the start of the fire to the first picture you see here was only about 20 minutes at most.

We were blessed with a windless day, which saved our neighbour's barn and probably our house - but our much loved building and it's contents were destroyed totally within a space of about 4 hours. We were, of course, insured but the insurance company's definition of 'Full Value' seems to be very different from other experts and vastly different from Central Statistics Bureau rebuilding costs for this area. So, we advise you to CHECK YOUR INSURANCE POLICY
Our 'crisis' created within us a determination to rebuild - and this time we could decide the design from the beginning, instead of adapting an existing building. Even as we watched the images shown here we determined to rebuild. Much work had been put into the old building for it to serve our purposes, now it was all gone. It was a very substantial loss.
We 'picked ourselves up' and got on with the planning for it's replacement building.
All is change in this life's walk, that is the nature of the experience we call life. To resist change is to resist the urge of life itself. To accept the challenge of change is to continue the adventure of experiencing with all it's potential for self-revelation, self-fulfillment. When we do so, we should give all our heart to the adventure and not seek to hide in the memories of the pathway we have already walked.
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